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Roundup: Mueller Report Finds No Collusion With Russia, Mel B. Hookup Claim With Geri Halliwell ‘Untrue’


Geri Halliwell … Report says Mel B.’s claim that she hooked up with fellow Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is’ untrue ‘ … Mueller report says no collusion with Russia … Matt Taibbi compares the media’s Russia hysteria to Iraq/ WMD epoch … The world’s most expensive new auto costs $19 million … Over 600 dead and tens of thousands in need of help after cyclone in central Africa … Drunken driver who killed motorcyclist gets just two days in jail … Monsanto Roundup banned in Los Angeles area …” Dog dies protecting family during birthday party shooting” in Texas … U.S. budget has record monthly deficit … The Yankees got an outfielder from the Rockies … Hunter kills several baboon families then get eaten alive by lions … Jelly Belly founder get into the cannabis jelly bean biz … Diana Ross defends Michael Jackson …” Avocados recalled in 6 states over listeria concerns” … John Mara opposes initiative to replace onside kick with fourth-1 5 conversion, remainder of the competitor committee likes the idea … Always fun to find a golfer toss his club.

” 8chan looks like a terrorist recruiting site after the New Zealand shooting. Should the government treat it like one ?”[ Washington Post]

The German family that owns a controlling interest in Panera and Krispy Kreme donates $11 million to charity after learning that their ancestors were enthusiastic Hitler advocates[ AP]

Unbelievable investigative journalism by the Cincinnati Enquirer in this story about human trafficking, medications, and power-trading[ Cincinnati.com]

New York Times CEO cautions other publishers about the dangers of Apple becoming the Netflix of news[ Trust.org]

Google/ YouTube getting out of the prestige scripted TV business[ Bloomberg]

I’m quoted in this profile of House of Highlights founder Omar Raja[ Miami Herald]

The hazy orange light of Chicago is slowly going away[ Curbed]

Lonzo Ball flames business manager Alan Foster over inability to account for $1.5 million; Foster had previously been sentenced to jail time after pleading guilty to victimizing 70 investors out of$ 4 million[ ESPN]

Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall watch their legendary ladder match

Bill Simmons interviews Ben Stiller

Behind the animation of Spider-verse

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